I am software designer who does graphic design as a hobby. I've had this domain for many years as a staging ground for the odd bit of web development. I randomly update the works with a few things I have worked on.

I liked the notion of a term like darklight, in relation to dark matter and energy. Neither have been directly observed, but are postulated to explain aspects of the regular universe.

I can be contacted via email

A small portfolio of images and software.
darkightindustries: site

This site is nothing fancy. The code is cut by hand and in javascript to establish that, yes, I do indeed know what a for-loop is.

I might bother with a CMS system such as Joomla or Wordpress, but the content here just doesn't justify it ATM.

iphone and ipad apps

darkightindustries: the world's tiniest gallery of splash screens

These are two splash screens I created for the domain. Both cut in Illustrator, although I am also usably adept in Photoshop.

Click images to interact with them.

A resume is available upon request.

I bring twenty years of software design and engineering skills to bear on development projects both large and small, whether they are straightforward, or complicated, for new or existing systems. My interests usually draw me to projects working with visual media, image processing or data visualization.